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Now this ain't no bullshit.. A few decades ago I used to love to camp on a lake by myself and run trotlines during the night. My favorite camping place was where an old logging road ran through some woods down to the water and I could slide my canoe into the lake. Anyway, I had set my trotlines, had my supper, and a few beers. Then I ran my lines about ten or eleven o'clock to take off the catfish that were on them and put new bait where needed. .Another beer or two and i crawled into my little two man pup tent, whose only real purpose was to keep mosquitoes off of me. At some point I started hearing thrashing and growling out in the woods, not very far at all from my camp. I got out of the tent and tried to see what was happening, but no luck. Back then flashlights were not what they are now, and that particular night my lights were not very bright after running the trotlines. I could not see anything even though the thrashing and growling was still happening. I was concerned that some poor critter had got tangled up in some fishing gear that I left in my canoe, so I walked the hundred feet so so down to the water to check. Nope, my gear was undisturbed.I went back to my tent and tried to go back to sleep. but whatever was out there made a complete circle around my tent over about the next two or three hours. I did not sleep much that night with all the growling and thrashing in the undergrowth, and even after about forty years I still wonder what was gong on. My best guess was mating bobcats. Second best guess: manitous!
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