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I have had squirrels jump on my leg while in a tree stand, had owls and hawks land or go over my head within 3 feet, but this probably scared me the most. I was deer hunting on some bottom land that had quite a few trees on it. I had gotten up in my tree stand about an hour before sunrise. Still very dark, I had heard a few noises in the trees around me, which I figured were small birds or squirrels coming alive. All of a sudden as I was dozing a bit, waiting for some daylight, it sounded like every tree around me had something going crazy whacking, hitting and shaking the branches noisily. I really thought something huge was about to get me. I had no idea what was happening until I caught a glimpse of a Turkey on the ground running, but at least then I knew what had happened. I had climbed into a flock of roosting turkeys. About an hour later I saw them single file past me. 63. Largest flock I have ever seen.
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