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Google NOAA vision 2020, it explains very clearly NOAAs vision of a catch and release ONLY fishery for recreational fishermen by the year 2020, this is the slow boil that acclimates all of us to the new regulations and getting used to living on the gulf coast, owning all of our gear, boats, licenses, and watching the fish and resources getting handed to the commercial fisherman because they have lobbyists. Recreational fisherman don't pay taxes on the fish they catch, there is money to be made for the government by taking fish from recreational anglers and giving it to commercial fisherman. Welcome to our brave new world.

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21 "Population Trends along the Coastal United States: 1980-2008", 2005 NOAA report,

Preferred State in 2020:
Many recreational species have limited population growth rates and are too valuable to be caught only once. By 2020, catch and release fishing is emphasized and accounted for in specific species assessments. The proper techniques for release are refined and disseminated to lower post release mortality. For other fisheries, minimum size limits and reduced daily bag limits are sufficient management measures to maintain healthy standing stocks. Additional seasonal closures are considered to eliminate or redirect effort. By 2020, angler satisfaction is derived from the recreational fishing experience rather than the take or "kill" fish. To achieve optimum yield, adaptive management measures such as a temporary reallocation of quota is available to managers. For example, if commercial quota is not harvested, managers are able to temporarily

reassign the under harvested quota to provide additional recreational opportunity, and vice versa.

the last sentence is a license to steal the commercial sector will get it all
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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