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Spots open for Saturday the 7th.

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We are heading out Saturday morning and are looking for one possibly 2 people to join us. Just ask for help with gas, we got the rest. The two people that were going with us origionally had to cancel on us.
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This is going to be in the Gulf
Really need to get some fishing boat is scheduled for maintenance that weekend. What are ya'll fishing for and where at?
We are going to be targeting AJ's and what ever else will bite. And we will be launching from Shoreline in gulfbreeze.
I would enjoy this trip... I have a couple of Jigging rod and reel combos I need to test! Please put me down for Sat.... I have gas money & Gear !!!!! Jeff 205 427 two three zero anytime! PS non smoker, ex military
Dang! If I were off I'd be down. Love fishing for aj
Hey Chris. Mark me down for Sat the 7th if you still need 1 more.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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