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I got a call last night from my manager saying they were over staffed and I didn't need to come in so I loaded up the kayaks and me and my brother were off.

While it was daylight, my brother was tearing up some specks and managed to land an 8 inch pompano on a paddle tail while I was having no luck. I did mange to catch a tire with my anchor and sure enough fwc decided to drop by while I was looking like a fool tyring to get the tire off my anchor. It seemed like they were going for the good cop/ bad cop routine since one officer was really friendly while the other, not so much. We checked out and it was back to fishing.

I was getting agitated not catching anything due to pulled hooks while my brother was slaying them. We found a very productive light when it finally got dark and still wasn't having any luck actually landing the fish. Finally I managed to catch a rat red and it was on fire from there. We managed to catch dozens of specks and a few reds. About a quarter of them were legal but decided not to keep any of them. As we were leaving we pulled next to the light and man were they thick. We watched them for 30 minutes and they never got spooked and manged to catch a couple just pulling the lure a foot away from the kayak. I didn't bring my phone so there aren't any pics.


Nah they were caught on mirrodines, mirrolure soft shads, and doa paddle tails paired with c and b jig heads. Who could have ever guessed that you could catch a fish on anything other than the matrix!?!?!?
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