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With TS LEE gone and the weather back to normal it is time for me to get back to work! Today was a great way to get things started, I was joined by Brett and Misty Enabnit on a 4 hour inshore trip. The goal for the day was plenty of action and good mess of fish for the cooler. We ran straight to the Pass not really knowing what to expect with all the Fresh water in the Bay and the water a very stained color.

To my surprise we found acres of Spanish from the mouth of the Pass all the way out to the Mass.. The fish were a solid grade of fish with most in the 15"-18" range and even a few larger ones mixed in. We caught the fish in all the standard lures, Gotchas, Diamond Jigs, Pomapano Jigs ans Speck rigs. With the water being dirty i went back to a small trace of wire to prevent cut offs and it didn't effect the bite at all.

I had a lot of fun fishing with Brett and Misty and I'm really glad that the weather is back to normal!!!

............................. See you out there
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