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With West winds around 20 mph I knew we would be very limited in where we could fish today, but I felt confident we could find something to catch. Brent and Kelan Stepp joined me for their second trip with me this year! To avoid the Winds we launched from Galvez Landing and headed the Pass.

After three drifts we got the bite we wanted and Brent was hooked into a beautiful 18lb Redfish!! After several more drifts we had an awesome double hook up, we lost one fish to the rocks and continued to chase the larger fish that young Kelan was working on. After a long fight we were surprised to see a 40lb Sting ray, not what we were after but an awesome none the less!!

After a few more empty drifts we headed over to the North rocks to finish up our 4 hour trip. We managed to catch a nice Flounder, a small cobia and a ton of Small Red Snapper. We did hook into two fish that we never turned and can only guess what they were!

I have been lucky enough the last few trips to have Father and Son teams on the boat. It always reminds me how important that fishing with my Father was to me as a kid and how it lead me to where I am today!!

..................... See you out there
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