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Little bit tougher day today... but we stuck to our guns and loaded the box. Today I was joined by Todd, John and Zane, we were looking for anything and everything that would bite our line. I hope to catch a few Bulls early but by the time the horrible fog burned off and we made it to the Pass the tida had gone slack and the bite was over.

We switched gears and went after the Spanish, they are everywhere now. We located tons of fish in the Gulf and down the beach. PLus for the first time this year there were tons of fish jumping along the Ft. Pickens beach back inside the Bay.

After the Spaniards we hit a few docks I haven't looked at it an a while a were able to top of the cooler! Great trip today and Thank you Dr. Todd for continuing to fosh with me and I look forward to our next trip together!

..... See you out there

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