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I know people say all the time that they love their job, but MAN I REALLY LOVE MY JOB!!!!!! Today was an amazing day in the Gulf, I was joined by Gary, Jim, Mauh and Tram for a 6 hour Snapper trip. The morning started out like any other with a quick run to the bait boat followed by a nice ride South to our first stop. Thats when things got good, before I realized it we had our full limit (8) of really nice Snapper in the box.

With plenty of time left and a box full of nice fish, we decided to head to a great little area that is a great spot for chumming Black Snapper. Once we arrived and I started chunking the fish rose from the bottom like a cloud. It was amazing to see the fish and then see my Bottom Machine blacked out from the fish!!! We sat and caught Black Snapper and released Red Snapper for the next two hours!! We hooked several Blacks that we had no chance of ever turning with the light tackle we were using!! This was one of the greates bites I have seen in a long time and I hope to have a chance to see it again real soon. After messing with the Snaper for a while we decided to rig one of our last live cigs and make a slow troll back through our slick, what do you know..... King Mackerel!!!!! We rigged another cig and yep, you guessed it. Another King Mackerel.

Today was an amazing day on the water with a great crew!!! I am very lucky to be able to fish for a living and I thank my lucky stars everyday that Lady Luck is still on my side!

........................ See yo out there

( things were so crazy today that I didn't take as many pics as usual... sorry)
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