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Man what a difference a day can make! Today I was joined by the Bradley Clan outta Arkansas! We had to wait an hour or so this morning to let the storms pass but it was well worth the wait! We found the Pass on fire this morning, The redfish were back to doing their thing and doing it in a big way!

We caught several fish around the 15lb mark and even had 2 or 3 over the 20lb range!! After taking our beatings from the Bulls we made a move back into the Bay and caught a few really nice Bay Red Snapper and one stud Flounder! It was a really weird bite. I couldn't buy a bite on the traditional bay baits baits, but it seemed like the little baby Pinfish were the ticket today!

Thanks Guys for fishing with me today and I hope to see you again next year!

................ See you out there
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