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Days like today are what get me up at 0400 every morning! I was lucky enough to be joined once again today by Fishin Chix royalty for a Red Snapper trip! Hallie, Carol and Deb met me at Shoreline at 0630 and away we went!

We made our short 6 mile run into the Gulf and like it was scripted everything went according to plan! We caught a ton of Snapper and lost some really really fine ones as well! Around 0900 after catching our Snapper we made a long move to the East to a spot that has been really good so far this year for White Snapper and Triggers. We two hooked for about an hour or so and caught a ton of Whites, but only managed one keeper trigger! We caught maybe a half dozen or so that were just a little bit to short! We even caught a 3lb Flounder on a two hook rig

Today was an amazing day on the water with some amazing Women! Thanks again Ladies for fishing with me today! I really hope to have more days like these with you in the Future! Even if you Gals made me blush a few times........

.......... See you out there
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