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It's still plenty good here in Pensacola!! Today I had the pleasure of Guiding Kelan and Wayne on a 6 hour adventure!! We were looking to keep the drag screaming all day and for the Guys to be able to take some fish home to their families. We left out of Galvez around 0630 and headed for the Pass. Once we rounded the land cut at Shermans Cove we found the Threadfins schooled up everywhere! We quickly loaded the live well and headed for the Pass.

Once we made it to the fishing grounds we quickly set out a trolling spread and went to work! The bite was really weird today, it took several slashed baits and a couple shake offs before we finally boated a King. That pattern stayed with us for a few fish after that as well. Seemed like we would lose 3-4 fish and then boat one. Lose a fish or two and then boat one. Regardless, we were still able to put a few Kings and large Spanish in the boat fairly quick and headed for the Redfish.

The tides are making a change in preparation for a Neap tomorrow so the fish were not biting as hard as they have been in the last week or two. We were still able to boat 6-8 large Bulls in a short amount of time, before they began to shut down.Our largest one today was 27lbs on the boga!! By about 11 or so the bite was all but over, so that's when we headed over to the Flounder rocks and Kelan boated a really nice Flounder on the 1st drop.

A really fun day with two great Guy's who have a very bright future. Kelan and Wayne, I rewally enjoyed having you guys on the boat with me today and hope we can fish together again later in the year.

....................... See you out there
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