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What a wild trip! With high winds and rain squalls everywhere, my guys were ready to fish! We had planned to fish for Kings Mackerel and then head offshore a little bit to catch some larger fish, but mother nature had other plans. We decided on a four hour inshore trip just to spend some time on the water and catch some fish. We started out very quickly catching and releasing trout. Seemed like every shrimp that hit the water turned into a good bite.

We moved around the Sound bouncing from spot to spot and managed to catch around 30 trout. Most were a little on the small side but a few were good solid keepers. We also managed to catch two really nice Spanish and a ton of Ladyfish! This was a really fun trip, we caught fish for the entire four hours and had a blast doing it. It just goes to show you, You never know unless you go!!!

Another great day on the water with a great group of guys!

........................... See you out there
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