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The fish are biting!!! Went on a Scouting trip yesterday with a couple good friends of mine. Bryson, Mark and I left out of Shoreline Park at around 0630 and headed off in search of bait. In no time we had a livewell full of Pinfish, Hardtails and Threadfin, with the bait situation covered we pointed the boat SE and blasted off. It was a beautiful morning with very calm seas and very mild temperatures.

We had one of the wildest days ever, seemed like everything we tried worked. The idea was to locate some new spots that I don't usually fish for some upcoming charters and put a few fish in the cooler for Bryson and Mark. Out of 7 of the 8 wrecks we fished all were holding Grouper and really nice Snapper. Two were holding some smaller legal Jacks and Triggers. After hitting all the planned spots we were running back in to the Triggerfish hole to put a few fish in the box when we ran over a really nice trash line at about 7 miles Due South of Pensacola Pass.

Three or four logs all together were holding tons of nice size chicken dolphin and one log was holding 8-10 Tripletail. After boating a dozen or so of the Dolphin we went after the Tripletail. We boated 5 of them fairly quickly they were just all an inch or two shy of legal.

This was a great day on the water, a great success as a scouting trip and a wonderful day spent with Friends solving the Worlds problems!!!

Thanks Bryson and Mark for the company, lets do it again real soon.

............................. See you out there
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