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Today was a really fun trip. Jonny, Matt and Alex joined me for a 6 hour Bottom Fishing trip. With Snapper season over we knew starting out that they would be the star of the day. The guys wanted to pull on some good fish and put a few eaters in the box for dinner.

First spot was exactly what you would expect with every bait resulting in a Snapper. We switched over to cut bait and tried to land a few Triggers but it seemed like everyone was 3/4" to short. After a quick move we starting catching Snapper again with a few Whites mixed in. With the whites biting good I stayed until the guys said that they had enough. We then went back into big fish mode. We had bad luck with the big fish, Some of my best spots didn't produce and the bites we did get we just couldn't seem to turn them. After one last move we set up in an extremely Nearshore wreck and chummed about 2 dozen nice snapper up to the surface and had a blast catching and releasing 8 - 10 lb Snapper every cast! It was really cool to have them up behind the boat like that, we even had a few large jacks and Kings get in the mix. We did hook one of the Jacks but in such shallow water he had us back in the structure in no time!!

Another great trip with a great crew

......................... See you out there
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