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This mornings trip with Mr. Taylor has to be one of my all time favorites!! It was a bit to rough to hit the Gulf so we started out wih the standard fare. Hit the Pass, hit the North Rocks, you know.. the normal spots. The Bonito were on the surface an I mean EVERYWHERE!! Mr. Taylor showed some interest in catching one so we rigged up a few rods and headed over to a large school...

After about a 4-5 minute fight, Mr. Taylor ask if we could do this for the entire Charter.. HECK YEAH we can. So off we went, we chased schools of Bonito for 5 straight hours, catching and releasing who knows how many! What a fun trip, It just goes to show you that sometimes just catching a ton of fish and having a great time out weigh the amount of fish you put in the cooler..

Thanks for a great day Mr. Taylor and I can't wait to chase BoBo's with you on Friday!!!


Hard WSW winds this afternoon made conditions a bit tricky but the Odom Men and I got it done! We caught a Kepper Snapper and a few Flounder in the PAss and then ran back towards town and were able to catch two slot Redfish and another flounder!

Not bad for a quick 4 hour afternoon trip!

.... See you out there


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