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What an amazing year!! I apologize for the lack of reports lately! I have ran a charter every day this month so far and have just been to lazy after cleaning the boat! MAN WHAT A GREAT SUMMER!!!........LOL

Today was a great day and I feel it deserves a good report! Today I fished with Twee, Kong, Matt and Meagan. We left the dock skeptical that we would even be able to fish with the large storms to the South and the NW winds ripping around 17 mph. After a quick visit to the bait boat we headed out about 5 miles and started fishing. The weather was a little bouncy and we did take one or two over the bow, but in an hour it laid down to near perfect conditions. With the seas laying we made a move back to the West to a spot that has been very good to me this year. As soon as we arrived we started catching Snapper. The bite lasted for about an hour with us boating a few and losing a few nice ones. The the dreaded mid day lull!! The bite shut off.... To try and get it going again I started chunking a large bonito that we caught earlier. In 5 minutes we had 10 -12 lb snapper and 10 lb Black Snapper everywhere!!!! In no time we had the Snapper we needed to finish off our limit so we turned our attention to the Black Snapper.

We managed to land the first one that went 9 lbs on the Boga and we proceeded to break off 6 other ones that were quit a bit larger!! It was as good as it gets!! I had a great time today and I am sure gonna miss Snapper fishing until next year!

.................. See you out there
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