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I have a 6 y/o 51" Sony TV that needs 2regulators replaced (Black AV4 & Grey-Yellow AV3 w/ Audio out) cost around $70, but the repair people wanted $400 to do the work! To me, this was ridiculous!!!! So I decided to purchase a new Samsung 55" that I have had my eye on.

I have a friend that has asked me to hold it for him b/c he has a friend that can repair it - offered me $125 for here it sits in my living room STILL, after 3 or more weeks. I just want it gone! LOL

I am checking to see if any forum members might be able to repair it, or know someone who could repair it for them and that would be interested in buying it from me...I have the paperwork showing what needs to be repaired, just FYI. I also still have the original "owners" manual that would go with it as well as the remote, of course.

If anyone is interested, please PM so we can discuss....:usaflag

Sorry, I tried everything to get a better pic!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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