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How about that timing. Barry the Butthead holds a presser and Top Kill starts. Then Barry the Butthead shows up in LA for the photo op with 400 illegals cleaning the beach and the say he expects Top Kill to work.

Today he is sitting in Chicago smokin a joint with his neighbors Farrakhan and Wright (you can imagine the discussions between these guys about the gulf coast) only to have his biggest campaign contributes announce Top Kill fails.

COINCIDENCE??? I think not.

The change you voted for.

Come on get the supertankers out there and start vacuuming the chit up out of the water like they did in the Middle East or is Obama against that like he is against building barrier islands?

Who here thinks dredged barrier islands will have a larger environmental impact that soaking the marshes with oil? In all but one instance, this what the Obama admin believes.
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