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Some Things Would Scare Me-----5/14/10

At my age i dont scare easily-----but some things would scare me.--Like--
#1--A phone call from my Prostate Doctor----wanting to see Me and Mrs BT in his office as soon as possible.
#2--If Israel runs out of patience with Iran.
#3--If my job depended on the the Sea Food Industry---Charter Boats---Tourist Trade or other and it was eleminated as a result of the Deepwater Horizon Explosion and i knew that i had to depend on a B.P. paycheck for the foreseeable future.
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I watch Bill and Glenn and Sarah too.

Neptune calls me "Daddy"
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Actually as far as Number 2 goes... I bet Israel is a "stop valve" in the big scheme of things dealing with Iran.

They do the dirty work, we complain a little, but pat them on the back in the back room (and give them more $$$)

No INTEL, just a thought.

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