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<span class=UIStory_Message>This is per Robert Turpin from our show last night. The Navarre pier rubble is being used for an artifical reef just off Pensacola here are the numbers closest to the center of it at this point in time until it's finished and settled 30 18.00 / 87 12.60

<span class=UIStory_Message><span class=UIStory_Message>Here's a phone number for the Vessel of Opportunity Program if anyone is interested in using their boat for clean up work for BP 281-366-5511

<span class=UIStory_Message><span class=UIStory_Message><span class=UIStory_Message>The 10 day gulf closure in federal waters started yesterday and here is the closest northern point to Pensacola Pass 29 54.50

<span class=UIStory_Message><span class=UIStory_Message><span class=UIStory_Message>Anthony
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