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Snook anyone?

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so i have been getting mixed information from folks around this area concerning whether there is snook in my area (destin/fwb/navarre).I have been reading a bit about them in magazines and it seems like a challenging fish to hook into. Also, what about Tarpon? A buddy from Miss. told me there was none, but another buddy from LA. told me there are, but if so, where can i get em? when i watch the tourney's on TV, it looks llike they are pretty close to land. who knows? Thanks!
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i've hooked a few off of the state pier in al. and around that area, seen quite a few around ft.morgan. don't really fish for'em, always accidently hooked freelining for kings, or just seeing them on the surface. don't know bout the snookers.
Snook are not unheard of around here, but are still very rare. As for tarpoon- they are definately here! Look for em spring through the end of summer, for the big one's. I've seen on some posts that there were some small juveniles caught here this year. Kind of unusual. Good luck!
The peir guys seem to have a lock on Tarpon. As far as when they start showing up and what they are eating when they do show up.

Hopefull VS will read this and help you out.
There are indeed snook and tarpon around here. I have personally hooked a snook and have seen first hand that there are tarpon here. I used to snook fish Sebastian Inlet with my Dad all the time while I was growing up. I have caught tons of both.
Saw a tarpon freejumping about a month ago at county site 2 in destin
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