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Due to conflicting schedules Sniperpeeps and I havnt been able to get out together since he caught his sail.

Today the planets aligned and we met up before dawn this morning. Bait was easy and we were off in no time.

I put out my first rod and pick up my second rod to deploy when the first one goes off, king. After getting him unhooked I rebaited the first rod and then put out the second rod. I set the second rod down to deploy the first one again and about that time it goes off. Rats, another king.

By now we are about three quarters of a mile off the beach and its getting pretty snotty. We make way to do some bottom bumping in hopes of finding a grouper. On the way I pick up a remora on my naked cig and it ends up tangling one of my trolling rods all up. With the green nasty water I figured there wouldnt be much as far as the good pelagics and the kings werent worth it so I decided to just leave it be instead of fixing it and just troll with one rod instead of two.

We get about to our spot and Sniperpeeps is off playing with a shark when I make my first drop down. I get a hit and I can tell its no monster but to my delight the fish ended up being a nice lane snapper. Whoo hoo hes good enough for a couple of sammiches. NOT, as I go to put him in my cooler I drop him back in the water. Luckily he was floating and couldnt get back down so I turn around to get him. As I am about to scoop and score the dern thing shoots to the bottom like a rocket. Of course a red snapper wouldnt have done that and would have required me to vent him.

Oh well, the bottom bite wasnt too good, a few snapper, nothing special in size either so we decide to head SW a little to try a different spot. By the time we get there we decided its too rough and with the wind blowing harder and waves getting bigger, we needed to make the two mile trek back in before its too late.

About halfway to the beach Sniperpeeps is on, MAHI, a nice one too. I was the only one with a gaff so after some careful maneuvering we make the transfer at sea. Adam sees his fish's friend and I make a good throw and hook up instantly, unfortunately the fish ran towards and behind me at a weird angle at blistering speed and jumped and spit the hook, ouch. This fish was nice but not the big bull Adam had seen.

A few minutes later the bull, a good thirty pounds shows back up. I throw and he is excited but the duster and dead cig wasnt what he wanted. Remember that rod I didnt fix? Well that one would have had a live naked cig and I'd bet ya that bull would have ate if I hadnt been lazy and fixed it.

Well, lesson learned.

Given the snotty conditions and short time fishing the mahi excitement made up for it. Oh yeah I picked up a shark on the way in too. No fish in the box for me but Sniperpeeps was kind enough to give me half of his mahi, eating good tonight. It was rough so I put my new rocket launchers to the test and I love them, they make things so much easier and tomorrow we are going to make some for the revo too.

Hope yall enjoy the report, looks like it may be nasty out there the next couple of days.


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sniper what yak u getting
I'm digging the Revo, very little effort to peddle and cuts through chop well. I would like to fish a PA before I make that decision but I like how I could just throw a Revo in the back of my truck and go. I have fished JD's outback as well and I like it. Guess it's going to boil down to what I can get a deal on when I have the cash to put on one really.
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