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Snapper Slayerz! Video!! 10-12-12

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Went offshore with Steve, and we caught so many fish . I caught a total of 3 Kings, 6 Snapper.Steve caught Kings and Snapper as well. We were on the search for BFT and Sails; I ran into some BFT but couldn't get them to bite anything. My Go Pro battery died during all the action.

This is my last fishing trip for the season due to hunting season coming up next week. I'll be back on the Gulf next year hopefully with a Hobie. Well anyways, heres a video of my last adventure. The lense of the camera had some water on it , so the picture isn't clear in spots , but oh well.
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Nice video man, dont forget to vent. During the summer all the snapper swam down strong. Lately, most arent getting down unless you vent them. We want them back for next season.
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