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Smoked a Turkey for Christmas dinner.

#10 Bird
Generously rubbed
Butter basted
250'-275'' for 3 hours, Hickory smoke for the first hour or so

.25C Smoked Paprika
.25C each Seasoned salt, Garlic herb, Onion powder
2T each Poultry Seasoning, ground Sage

Full Menu
Smoked Turkey
Oven Roasted Ham
Green Bean casserole
Loaded Mash Taters
asst Cheeses/Crackers
asst Fruit & Veggie trays
A wide selection of desserts


Constitution Conservative
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Great looking bird chili! That's gonna make some good turkey Sammys the next day!
We took the leftover bird and mashed taters, and we made Latkes.

Chop leftover turkey into small pieces
Mince a large onion and saute in butter with seasoned salt
2C rehydrated shredded hash brown potatoes
6C leftover loaded mashed potatoes
6 eggs beaten

combine all ingredients and mix well
butter or olive oil in a skillet
Drop hardball sized into skillet and flatten slightly
Fry till you've a a good golden brown crisp and then flip
Serve HOT! Sour cream and/or apple sauce is great.

No pics, my apologies. :blush:
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