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Smoked and Braised Asian Pork Belly
Roasted Corn in Sweet Soy Garlic Sauce

Pork Belly
2.5 slab of pork belly
Chinese Five Spice
Kosher salt
Crushed Red Pepper

2C cider or cane vinegar
1-3/4C soy sauce
3/4C brown sugar
1-1/4C water
1.5T sesame oil
1.5T fish sauce
* half or full measure
*3-6 star anise
*4-8 Cloves, whole
*3-6 garlic cloves, minced
*1 small or medium knob of ginger, chopped
*1-2 Serrano or other chile, chopped
Green onion, chopped for garnish

*This sauce when made into the reduction sauce is very intense.
It is full of spice and has some heat, and is not for those with an soft palate.
It can be made with the half measures to accommodate the less adventuresome palate.

Score the bottom of the belly and
season both sides generously with the Five Spice, salt and red pepper

Smoke at 375° for two hours, I used Cherry for smoke
Make the sauce while the belly smokes
Preheat oven to 350° at 1.5hrs into the smoke
Transfer to large casserole dish and add sauce just to the top of the belly
Cover with foil and braise for two hours

Once done let belly rest on cutting board
Place 2C of sauce in small saucepan and reduce by half by boiling
Mix 1T of cornstarch with 1T of water and whisk into the reduction during boil
Let boil a minute while continuing to whisk, remove from heat.

Slice and spoon reduction over slices, serve hot

Roasted Corn in Sweet Soy Garlic Sauce
1 ear of corn per person
1/2 Red Onion, chopped
1 bunch of Green onions, chopped
Salt and Crushed Red Pepper to taste

Sweet Soy Garlic Sauce
1/4C Soy sauce
1/4 Seasoned rice vinegar
1T Garlic, minced and mashed
1/8C brown sugar
Combine ingredients and whisk together

Grill corn to get some nice color on it
Cut the corn off the cob and transfer to a preheated wok or large/deep skillet
Add the sauce and cook over high heat for two minutes stirring constantly
Add in onion and continue to cook/stir for two more minutes
Serve hot
Somehow I deleted the corn pics, bummer.

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