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I finally got out on the water Friday for the first time this year. I didn't get on the water until about 10am. Ran over to Brooks Bridge B&T for some shrimp. Unfortunately Joe was just about out of them. He gave me what he had, about 8 half dead shrimp, and I headed for the Destin bridge.

The bite was HOT! I boated a nice slot red, 22", and three sheeps before running out of bait. I tried everything after that (gulps, artificials, and cut bait), but they only wanted live bait. There was another boat next to me and they continued to pull in the fish, so I know they were still down there.

It was disappointing to run out of bait so quickly, but at least the first trip of the year wasn't a complete strike out.

The water was pretty dirty and the tide was coming in. (low had been around 8am that morning) Air temp was in the low 60s and the wind was probably 10-15.

All in all, it sure beat being at work.
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