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Went off of the beach in Destin this morning after sunrise. The predicted north wind was more of an ENE then E wind which made paddling around a bit of a chore. First hook up was a large remora - it even pulled some drag! (The interesting thing here is that he had a buddy with him. After I released him, they stayed under the yak the rest of the day following me around.) The next hit was a fairly good size Spanish but it spit the hook yak side. The next fish on was a schoolie King - released for another day. After trolling around for a bit, I was coasting and I turned back to make sure my cig-sicle was not hydroplaning. I was just about to turn back around when this maniac King Mac skies out of the water with my bait. He literally yanked all of my trailing line out of the water and pulled drag - IN THE AIR!!! The battle was on. I prevailed and boated him a few minutes later, unhooked him and sent him on his way. A fish that puts on a display like that deserved to swim away to fight another day. Had several other knock downs during the day with half of baits left as souvenirs. I switched my king rigs and put a trebble as the lead instead of the J hooks I had been using to go along with the trebble stingers and it made the difference today.
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