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Strictly Bizness (12/3/2007)Drew, does this mean that we won't see the little yellow boat with the big green magarita amongst the rest of us in the SKA?
yea, no more margarita boat in the SKA lineup. actually its just a 'yellow boat' now. ever peeled $4,000 off something and tossed it in the trash? THAT was a neat experience. and now the lil' yellow boat is just another yellow boat in the crowd (well, in front of the crowd, anyway!). she's for sale--and we mean it this time!! Jamie has her new 'fishing team', and I'm not going to continue in the SKA as a captain. i am going to fish on an 'adult' team, but i'm looking forward to getting back to the rodeos and local events and just fishing withmy boys.

we have to sell the boat, to pay off debt to get through the "D". the ad in boat trader comes out next thursday, i hope, so if anyone is looking, we're asking a rock bottom price for it, and the first good offer will ride away with it. its going to be sold with everything intact--outrigggers, electric downriggers, ground tackle, all the electronics, all USCG crap, and i have 2 or 3 cases of oil as well.


21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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