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FLW= 3 one day tournaments with boundaries that pay $12,000 CASH plus contingency money if eligible. You would travel to Texas once, Louisiana once and Dauphin Is. once if they leave it like it was last year or should I say IF THEY DO A GULF DIV AT ALL. $500 entry fees but the championship is free and it's in our own back yard. You could sleep in your own bed those nights to compete for $30,000 cash plus contingency money if eligible.

SKA = 1 division tournament with a bunch of pro's thrown in it to keep thing interesting in Louisiana, two one day tournaments (Biloxi and Texas), the "what can we do to screw with the King guys this year" ADSFR for 3 miserably HOT July days and another 2 day event in Texas. Then IF you qualify for nationals you can PAY to fish against another 250 of your closest friends for a boat you'll have to try to get rid of quickly or a bunch of prizes you wouldgladly trade for cash.

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