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Isn't it interesting that high fuel prices will no doubt hurt tournament participation which requires the SKA to combine divisions 7 & 8. This decision then causes higher fuel cost for everyone still trying to participate in either of these divisions. Catch-22.....I am thinking about focusing on the multi-species tournaments next year. You have some options on what to fish for and you get take some meat home afterwards. My understanding is that there wasn't a leader board at the SKA nationals similar to the Biloxi tournament I fished. We have local guys that put on tournaments and do a much nicer job, (Bud Light, Tommy's stuff) than the SKA. The SKA is two people and a trailer as best as I can tell. They may be great people and it is a really nice trailer :) but they need to step up their program. Like many others, I think a "championship" with 400 boats is ridiculous but without those numbers the tournaments would probably see less competitors so that is also a catch-22. I think until fuel prices come down (if they do) the SKA and FLW, as well as their competitors(us) are going to have to do what we can to survive. I am already working on a Sea Vee sponsored multi-species tournament in Texas some time in 2009. Maybe I will have more luck running a tournament!:banghead
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