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I've done this with snapper and talapia and both were great.


Fish filled
Lemon or lemon juice
Heavy whipping cream

In a nonstick pan add 1Tblspn butter and heat to high almost hot enough for the butter to burn. Drop the filet on the pan and move it to spread the butter. Quickly salt and pepper filets to taste and sprinkle liberally with dill weed. Make that sucker green. Turn over and repeat. Let cook until fish looks done about 2/3 through and turn over and allow to cook @ 90%, plate fish and spritz with lemon.

Turn heat to high, add another teaspoon of butter, allow to melt and about 1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream. Sprinkle with another heavy dose of dill and deglaze pan with cream. Allow mixture to boil, stir constantly until you reach a medium gravy consistency. Pour sauce over fish, take a bite and attempt to not slap your momma.

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Sounds like this would be mouth watering good! Yum!!!
Bet it would also work great with flattened, tenderized boneless skinless chicken breast as well :thumbsup:
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