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Was running a little later than normal and got there at about midnight. Ran into another PFFer YoungGun and his buddy. Always good to see friendly folks out there. Thanks again for the mullet YG :thumbsup:
1st order of business was to catch live bait. White grunts were everywhere so I hooked one to some #40 Berley and tossed it out. Caught several more on shrimp and the mullet cut up. Was then time to make some more cutbait because I knew I'd stay busy using what bait was naturally there. Did do that catching large white trout on the grunt strips. Well the live grunt paid off with a 25in. redfish. As I was pulling him up with my ragged old bridge net, zing goes my other line with a grunt strip on it. Got the 1st red landed then started with the next. Another slot red approx. 22-24in. Got his head up out of the water and then attemted to untangle the 1st one from the net. Before I could cut the line and untangle it to free up my bridge net snap goes my line. Oh well worse has happened. After that the large white trout started to take over and it was also clear that I was being cornered by my friend Charlie who brought several friends to attempt to steal my bait every time I turned my head :yes: I call him Charlie after the old Sunkist tuna comercials because I sometimes tell him "Sorry Charlie". This one particular bird is always there and comes very close within a few feet of me every time. Well Charlie and his buddies had a good meal and I ended up to tired to cook my usual bridge breakfast so red had to get covered in ice to be enjoyed later tonight after I get off from work. All worked out well, and it's time for a nap. Can't wait to hear old red sizzle tonight! :thumbup:
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