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Sig p250

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Thoughts on this 'modular pistol'? Goes from full size to subcompact. Chages size and caliber in minutes. Any one got one? Likes, dislikes?
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Probably the best stock true DAO trigger made, smooth and light. People who think it's a bad trigger don't really know how to shoot DAO.
Raised on Glocks I suppose.

They had a bad first out because people were expecting something that was quicker to shoot like a striker. They also had some reliability issues in the first generation models. True DAO means a full stroke for reset, again most people don't know how to shoot it. It's not built for competition speed. Think SIG DAK without the intermediate click and reset.

It is fine for a defensive pistol. I think the ability to change grips, caliber, and size is more of a gimmick in the States. In some European countries, where the number of firearms is limited, it could be a neat concept. Here in the States it's not that much more money to just get another gun.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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