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Shurketch on the Kathy II

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Since snapper season is closed and there is no need to fish close-in for the four per person limit, we will now be fishing at the edge as we did Monday. We managed to catch in our traps about 20 or so pinfish for bait, along with a box of squid and cigs. We couldn't believe our first stop! We were drifting and floating pinfish and within about 25 minutes we had caught and released nine AJ's. Fortunately, we did catch one that was over 28 inches. That was too much work so we headed for the edge. More work.....we caught a few more shorts, but managed to get two more legal for our AJ limit. The AJ's, kings,and a Blackfin Tuna were all caught on live white snapper drifting out about 100 or so feet with no weight.We started throwing kings back because we had filled our 150 qt. cooler. We had trigger, porgies, white snapper, and a bunch of football mingo. Had we known the fish were going to be biting so well, we would have brought another cooler. All in all, it was another one of those great days on the water. You can see from the two pictures of us on the way back how calm the water was......35 mph all the way out and back. How fortunate we are to be where we are! Keep the faith................Ed
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Guess I sorta spread things out there, but at least I managed to post the's a beginning!! :usaflag
Nice Fish and really nice water....:usaflag:usaflag
Nice catch. Hope to get out this week end weather permitting.
Nice bunch of fish Ed:clap Screw the pic wideness,at least ya figured out a way to post'em which is all that matters,thanks.
:banghead Couldn't get off Monday and went Sunday - 2-3 all day.

Great report man - love to see it that way.


nice haul. fantastic seas.
Great report those seas look like glass. Congrats.:bowdown
Good report. It sounds like you filled the box and had a great time......As far as the pictures go, just hit enter before and after each picture and they will separate.
Seeing pictures like that really makes you want to go. Great Report.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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