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Shooting Sticks

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Need to get some for my 8yo to use while hunting out of a blind... Looking for something that an 8yo can shoot off of easily but holds the gun steady. Something user friendly as well....I am looking at these two online...anyone got any suggestions? Am I making this decision harder than it has to be?
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I'm broke, so I just find a forked branch that's sitting height and put duck tape on the fork to keep from scraping the gun. It's worked fine so far.
Hey Capt.
Might I suggest, get your son involved and make a set with 2 limbs and some fishing line. ( could possibly make it with 3, havn't tried). I did this a few years ago when my son started hunting out of a blind. A couple years later the blind was stolen. Every thing was taken, blind, chair and yes even the 2 sticks tied with fishing line. When I told my son that the blind had been stolen, the first thing he asked about was the shooting sticks that we made together. Probably not as good as a store bought, but priceless to me.
Get to good size wooden dowels,the size of your thumb or so, drill a small hole about 4 or 5 inches from the top of both, put them togther with a small bolt, and then cut them to his correct height, they will fold up and work great.
dido on the makin you own, i have a pair for prone position. i like to tie the bottom end together with a long piece of cord so the cant open all the way up but if i was gunna buy one it would be that primos tripod one at mikes you can adjust the height with a pull of a trigger. think it's air operated with a valve and o-rings. pretty cool though.
Yeah, I make my own too. I usually hunt from a "*******" blind -- I find a tree and back up to it. And sometimes leave my sticks there in the dark.

I just rip a 1x4 into 4 i-inch-ish strips, cut to length, and run a bolt thru at the appropriate spot, about 4 inches from the end. A rock steady rest when sitting.

You can move the legs further out to shorten to the correct height, and adjust your elevation by just leaning into the scope a bit.

I didn't think about using tape to soften the rest for the gun. I'm going to do that thanks!

BTW I haven't climbed a tree in years and have killed a bunch of does and 1 buck that was in the wrong place at the right time. I have recently fell in love with those Ameristep ground blinds (99 bucks most places.) Hides a fat dude like me pretty well.
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