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Sharks are moving through the area on NAS.

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There have been reports my Students and Staff on NAS Pensacola that there have been several Large Sharks around the Portside Sea wall in the last week or so I caught one today. I will probably be going out there again on Sunday afternoon to maybe catch another one if I can. Thistime it will be catch and release though. had about 75 lbs of meat or so off the one I caught and posted pics of in an earlier post today. she was decent sized, at least the largest I had seen in a while this year. well if someone would like to get leave me a message and I will get back with you sunday moring sometime and let you know if I am still going. well tight lines and screamin drag!!!!

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Shhhhh i have a shark tourny this comming weekend.:poke Thanks for the report.
where is the turny gonna be held at?
It is the PFF shark tourny that is being held at Ft McRee.
ima embarass you tomorrow...if i can figure out this its confusing me.
What time are you going out tomorrow? Might make my way out there.
don't have a set time yet, depends on how I am feelin in the morning. :sick
why arent they bitin' in the morning......"Jay"?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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