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Fished pickens w/ a one bait setup for a few hours thursday and friday night. Got two long runs on thursday but couldnt connect. Went 0 for 2 again tonight.

Had a decent one that fought for 30 minutes before spittin the blue fish out. The hook had never set and somehow it lodged in his mouth to where he fought for half an hour but never got hooked lol. The hook was still rigged and zip tied to the bait. Pretty weird.

Yakked out a bonita after the blue and it got hit about 45 minutes later but I hadn't set up my rig the way i normally do with a heavy mono topshot, it was just powerpro to steel leader and the power pro got tail whipped im guessing cause i lost the steel and the power pro was sliced.

All my baits were in between 1st and 2nd. the sharks are definitely out there and heatin up. Hopefully Ill have a report with some nice gray suit pics soon.
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