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Ive only caught 1 shark out of the 2 times Ive taken my boat out fishing for sharks. My boat is a 16' SeaRay Bowrider so Im not even sure of its capability in the Gulf, but on last Sunday night at 23:00 i am in the pass about 500 yards away from the shore of Ft. McCray (spelling?) in about 14ft (rough guess) of water. I tied up a bag of frozen chum from walmart to the bow cleat and out a couple pogies out on my lines. I only have spinning rods, and uses 20lb line with 6 oz lead, swivel, 3ft 80 steel leader, and the biggest hook at walmart :). I toss the lines out in the current (which was heading south pretty fast) and let it rest about40-60 ft away from the boat. 3 hours pass and the only thing caught was this massive cat fish.Look at the picture... you think I should have moved farther to the west towards ftmccray, is 500 yrds too far out, also no moon showing... Basically if you guys know what Im doing wrong and know what I can do right please help me out thanks! -David

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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