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shalimar bridge

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Hi all,I'm new to the forum,and I would like to say hello_Ok,now,I went to the shalimar bridge around 10am yesterday,with some live,and dead shrimp,and I didn't expect to catch much of anything.Well,I was wrong.Within 10 minutes,I caught my first mangrove snapper,and it was of legal size,nice and fat.And let me tell you,I kept on catching them.Then much to my surprise I caught my first ever grouper,and I've never caught a grouper ever.I kept on catching them too.So if anyone happens to go to the shalimar bridge,the snapper and grouper are in.Oh,and go to the Shalimar side of the bridge,where it's the deepest.That's where I caught them all.I didn't take any pics,because I didn't expect to catch anything,but next time I will.PEACE
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sounds like a good time...

what setup were you using, hooks, leader etc.

Great report - sounds like you found a nice little honey hole.
Yeah,it was a blast! I just used a regular old small hook,the kind I use for catching bluegill,not sure on hook sizes,and a large pinch weight.I let it drift to the bottom,and within minutes,I got a snapper or grouper.I can't wait to go back out!I'll keep you posted on what I'm catching,and maybe post some pics next time.PEACE
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