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I have a 2 seater go cart with a honda engine (190), extra chain and clutch, needs rear wheel bearing $250.00 It runs and drives good, it was just too much for my little girl

My father in law started building it in 2005 and had Outlaws in Molino finished it in late 2005. it has less than 50 miles on it, buyer would have to title it and pay any taxes on it. I think it is a 112cc S&S, I'm tired of looking at it sitting in my shop. He wants 14k for it but I told him that I was gonna sell it for 9k if he didn't get it out of my shop, he is alright with that. His number is 850-316-0909 Will)

5hp 60 gallon air compressor $250.00 Currently I have it plumbed to another 60 gallon tank for a larger capacity. I'll sell the second tank for $50

My dad has a Shop fox Shaper with an air hold down and blades for making raise panel doors (call him for details 850-393-3076)
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