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Went down and camped at Big Lagoon this weekend, Friday thru Monday. Had originally planned on fishing in the Pirates tourney, but changed our minds at the last minute.

Got up on Saturday morning and planned on going offshore to try and put some dinner on ice. Got out of the pass and decided we did not want to fight that all, plans quickly changed to inshore fishing. We had some frozen menhaden and some frozen cigs to use for bait...didn't bring the cast net as we originally intended to see the bait man, but brought frozens as a precaution.

Trolled around the pass and bay toward 3 mile stretch, two cigs and dusters and a spoon on a weight. Caught a little juvi king, missed a few others. Really slow. Anchored up on the east side of 3 mile bridge, threw some cut cigs and menhaden...nothing. Caught a little shark...again, slow - seems to be a pattern with my fishing.

Headed back to the pass and tried the same to no avail but some catfish. Decided to call it a day.

Sunday morning decided to sleep in a little and planned on just staying inshore. Got out about 11:30 am, went and bought some pinfish and frozen shrimp at Outcast Marina. Fished around the artificial reef at Ross Point and had a few good bites and one good trout in the pic below that my buddy caught...probably would have done ok in the tourney, but who knows. Ended up catching a few ladyfish, pinfish and some cutoffs there, mostly all on the live pinfish. Fished the grasses up the intracoastal, and nothing. Called it a day again....anyways, we had trout for dinner Sunday night and it was good!!!!!

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