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I have two Mercedes and need to sell one of them. One of them belonged to my father in law before he passed away. I originally posted it as an 04 E320 but it is actually a C240. It is noticeably smaller than the E class, but is a very nice car. The other one is mine, its an 01 E320. My wife likes the C240 better, so I am offering either mine or my father in laws, which ever sells first. We are asking 8000 for my E320, 7500 for the C240. I am attaching pics of my 320, sorry they are kinda blurry but I took them with my phone.... the greenish color on the headlight in the one pic is actually from the flash, it is not the color of the light. The 320 has 135,xxx on the odometer, the 240 has 124,xxx on the odomoter. Both have leather interior, both are the same color, pretty much the only thing I noticed that the 240 does not have that the 320 does is the electric seats. The 240 is manual positioning but does have electric up and down, and electric seat back positioning. the 320 is total electric seats, with heat, and has 3 memory positions.. Oh, and the 320 has electric steering wheel tilt and telescope, but the 240 only has manual tilt steering wheel....

The 240 has the Mercedes stereo in it with 6 disk cd changer and hands free phone, the 320 has an aftermarket stereo with flip up screen and dvd player ..

Let me know if your interested. I will try to get pics of the 240 in the next day or two..


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