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I am a 67 year old active fisherman, physically pretty sound. I play competative tennis three times a week and my team won the Alabama state super seniors men's doubles tennis tournament recently.

I am interested in finding a fishing partner to buy an equal interest in my Parker 2310 Walkaround with a new 225 E Tec outboard. The boat and all equipment is in excellent shape and the motor is great, fuel saving and will push the boat 40 mph unloaded. The idea would be for the survivor to buy the interest of the other partner at an agreed price, 1/2 of $35,000.

We would of course need to go fishing and be sure we were getting into a 'marriage' which we want. The deal would include keeping my boat at Romar Harbor in Orange Beach [great bunch there] and equally sharing time and expense and chores with the boat. In otherwords, if I use it and you are not along, the expense obligation is mine. The 'buy in' is $17,500. I just paid almost $19 k for my motor.

I get great pleasure out of fishing and do it for fun and fellowship . I am a semi-retired federal judge and have a tendency to be very relaxed and the fishing is my therapy from the lawyers.

I regularly go out 20-40 miles and have caught wahoo, etc. I bottom fish a lot. I can give you photos, etc. after we email and talk. My email address is [email protected]:clap


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