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Secrets from the PrimeTime Plantation, Part Deaux

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With today's near borderline outrageous marketing promotions and asking prices for "bottled gold" in one ounce portions, it's a wonder why I haven't heard of more hunters doing something simple, effective, and extremely economical. The next deer you kill, when gutting it, empty the bladder!! Chances are you might have tons of empty amber bottles which once contained Tink's 69, Code Blue, or some other scent-fill em up with some of your own "home brew" and save it for your next hunt. Oftentimes, especially if the bladder is both full and intact, you might can salvage up to 12 ounces if not more of doe or buck urine. When you consider some companies like Code Blue will sell their stuff for $12.99 where I am from, that adds up to over $150 worth of free product. Also, take the time to cut the tarsal glands out of your bucks, no matter whether it was an inferior buck that someone else shot, or a monster dominant buck. The several deer processors where I am from will let me come in there and take all the bladders I want, for free. They are just going to end up in the trash, anyways.
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Good points there Blue Hoo very simple, economical and as natural as you could get.
i do that to every deer i kill woody. im surprised it hasnt been said on here before..
I've been doing that Woody.....The deer's bladder will fit perfectly in a medium size baby food jar then stab it and let it flow....Nice and clean stuff:baby:clap
how long does fresh deer pee last? i assume its stored in the fridge. any other tips?

would you drag the tarsal gland behind you and hang it near your stand as well? how long do they stay fresh for?
urine isnt gonna last that long. im sure it will stay longer if you put it in the fridge. the same thing with tarsal glands.
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