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If you are looking for a new jet ski you need to check this one out before you spendthe extra money...This is my brothers jet ski. It has been my garage for the last year and it has recently been moved out of my way. I don't want it to sit out side for long so hopefully someone will jump on this deal. I think this was just and impulse buy by my brother and he hasn't really used it. It comes with the trailer and cover that is shown. This thing will do 65+mph. It may be faster than that, I'm not sure....but it does fly. It is in pristine condition. BTW my brother is fully aware I'm posting this and is the one that told me to sell if for him.

2006 Seadoo GTI

Only 10 hrs.

It has been and had all the required services.

$8750...will consider offers.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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