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Sat. Oct. 13 report out of Perdido Pass

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Started to the Edge but the winds changed my mine. punched in Sparkman and on our way. Two of my co-workers Ken and John, and myself were ready for some action. We had Sparkman to ourselves.Picked up several fish, mingos,couple of legal snappers, one real nice A J . Moved on to some more public numbers a little west. Caught triggers,white snappers ,one King off the bottom,couple of legal snappers,and one nice snapper of the bottom with a frozen cig.. After boating him ,he coughed up a octopus which Ken dropped down and immediatly caught a legal snapper. John had a blast catching triggers almost every drop.A very bumpy right in but a good day fishing. Total catch; one nice red snapper,4 legal snappers,14 triggers, 9 mingos,2 white snapper,1 king.Took only 1 picture of the big snapper.

Sunday,out of Ft Morgan. fished for 3 or 4 hours drifting live pinfish for Bull Reds. Nothing! Where did the Reds go?We've always had good luck in Oct at Ft. Morgan. Didn't see anything schooling,didn't see anybody cat anything.So we called it a day.

I had Ronnie ( skiffin on) Mike and his son Kaleb join me Sunday night after John and Ken graciously left with Sat. catch agreeing to clean them when they got home. Well Monday am at daybreak we left Ft Morgan with a box full of lively pinfish with high hopes of catching a limit of snapper. But only made it to the lighthouse, we I made the call to turn it around. The boat felt awful small when I turned around. It was very unnerving the next few minutes as the waves tossed us around a bit coming back in. Trailered the boat and went to cotton bayou,launched and fished in the pass for reds with no luck,called it a day

Listened at the forecast and decided to come on home.Ihad plans to fish all week,been that EAST WIND and mother nature changed my mine. Going back to work tommorrow. We'll be back when the seas lay some,Oct 31 st is coming quickly. Tony Cannot see how to attach a picture.someone tell me how.
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Least you got some eatin!

I know what ya mean on that feeling turning around. Hit the pass a few weeks ago and turned to my riders said, "oh, it doesn't look too bad." Got about to the 2nd set of buoy's and said...hmmmm, maybe not. Had to do the turn around and time it juuuuuust right. :)
Nice Snapper, did you get a weight or length on him?
Great report and a nice snapperTony. We need to get together one of these times your in town.
Ocean man, no I didn't get a length or weight. I need to invest in a good scale. one that will hold up in salt water. My guess though was 20 lbs or so. ??? Tony
Hello Seacapt! :usaflag Waiting on the seas to lay some before coming back down.I hope that happens before the 31 st of this month.I'll give you a hollar when I do. Tony
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