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I had to get out of the house and away from studying for finals, so since it was so warm out I decided on a 3 hour bay session in the yak. For the first hour I cruised around pitching white Gulp shrimp to dock lights with little success. I did paddle by a man and his son anchored up at one prime light who were catching a few trout. The second hour was much better. I found a nice light that was holding trout and caught 11 within the hour with six of them being easy keepers. I probably would have caught more from that light, but a pod of charismatic megafauna came by and shut down the bite. So, I went back to the light where the father and son had been. My first cast produced a keeper. My second and third casts produced two gorgeous 20+inchers. They weren't gators, but for their length they definitely had some shoulders. I finished the third hour with 3 more easy keepers.

Total: 16 released trout

11 keepers averaging ~17in

biggest 22in
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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