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Santa Rosa Beach Reds and Trout

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Caught 4 Reds and 6 specks in Hogtown bayou yesterday. Weather was horrible but I got past the bridge construction and back to the creeks and did really well. The speck tore up the 2" new penny shrimp but didn't like the 3".All thereds were caught on the DOA cal jerkbaits in an arkansas glow. The reds were kinda slow to hit and would back off then torpedo and hit it. One of the trout was 24" very nice looking fish. Hope this helps!!!
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:clap Great report! Gonna have to get me some of them 2" penny shrimp and DOA jerkbaits.
Good to see your efforts where rewarded. Any menhaden or ly's in Hogtown? I am going to fish MB bridge or the north side on Sat. and will be putting in at Hogtown. Good to see another SRB person on thissight. :toast
nice report....i'm in SRB as well....if you guys ever wanna get up and fish let me know
I'm an SRB guy...Good to see the bite on...What bridge construction are you talkin about?...Was gonna come down and fish but figured with the bad weather and red tide that I'd reschedule...SR
Slowride, they are reconstructing the small bridgejust north of the Cessena park of cr 393.
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