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When I hunted west of Selma from 81 'til the early 90s, it was like clockwork the last week of January and first week of February and the mature bucks looked like bulls. It was fast and furious and it seemed like all the fawns were born within a month of each other.
I've been hunting over near Clayton for the last several years and it's been on again, off again there with fawn births spread out all over. A few miles east in Georgia it's cranking in early October.
I not sure but what I think some of it may be the transporting/transplanting of deer through the years. Here in Tuscaloosa and around here there is no real defined rut Different deer will have swollen necks musty wet tarsal glands chasing does from November to into February. There were suppose to be transplanted deer around here from different places years ago and I'm told we have the original deer and 2 more sub spices from other places is why it's all out of whack and I know it has gotten worse with all the high fence people fencing in and importing/breeding deer and adjacent land owner's hooking chains and what knot to them snatching huge sections out or just knocking a hole in the right place then the Natural wash outs. The reason there Have been a few Red Stag killed in fosters AL on private land LOL. I know if you step down from here to West Greene or around North Sumter county The rut Is real defined they go total stupid around Dec 24 to Jan 6. What's Ya'll thoughts on it. I would like to here some facts and opinions.
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